The College Board’s  president  David Coleman recognized that the standardized tests have become  “far too disconnected from the work of our high schools”  and aren’t necessarily creating more college-ready students.

The new SAT that will begin in March 2016, aspires to change that.

The new test returns to a score   of 1600 points with two sections: math and reading / writing combined into a total of three hours. The essay is optional (50 minutes at the end of the test) :but some Colleges might use it to evaluate admissions criteria.

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The ​​mathematics part (200-800 points) comprises two sections instead of three and one of them will no longer allow calculator to be used. It will focus on data analysis and real world problem solving, algebra and some more advanced math concept-areas that most prepare students for college and career. The multiple answers choices will be only 4 instead of 5 without penalty for incorrect answers.

It contains more Algebra II and less geometry (10%).

The English sections (200-800 points) have combined reading + writing in each section.

Reading passages are longer (500- 700 words) and   will include questions that require students to cite evidence for their answer choices, from a broader range of disciplines, including science, history social studies and literature.

It seeks to evaluate grammar in context: find grammatical errors. The essay will be score separately from the rest of the test, and the prompt will remain basically the same in every test: it will ask students to consider a passage and write an essay that analyzes  how the author made an argument, used  evidence and styled ideas.

All the test is aimed at assessing the so-called “Common Core Standards” whose objectives reflect the new orientation in primary and secondary schools nationwide. This predicts a harder test for students who have just had these changes in the last years of high school. The elevated difficulty level probably will drive many college-bound student towards the ACT.

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