In a world where Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants (Prensky, M, 2001) coexist and interact with electronic devices as naturally as possible. It’s a reference question, know what role are leading the Video Games on young people in the Digital Age.

Games represent a highly demanded item by youth of today. However, demand is such that it is worth asking, are a “habit or a hobby.”

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Just look around and without much effort, groping with a young man who interacts with great professionalism in the art of pass levels and stages of a game that enjoys an electronic device in their hands.

There are an infinite number of products, which offer industry “Play Game”. The Video Games represent a scenario that if we orient parents, guardians and adults in general, we can use them to support playful interesting for children and adolescents. This implies use as a hobby of time well spent. But when these electronic devices become recurrent behavior, appealling and uncontrolled, is when the “Alerts” should sound, then, is a habit aperturate not in control can put real opportunities in life to “Game” .So, remember to avoid “Game Over” in life and especially in the young, remember “playing” with control and common sense, that “ALL” in the society we are winners.

Source Edition 18 Aldea Magazine


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