Contact between parents and teachers is important for the future of their children. Teachers are with their children every day and can see changes and attitudes in the conduct of children that parents do not perceive, so that no matter how busy they are, the work they have, or the distance between their office and the school, that meeting must occur at least once a year.

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However, before that, you must make a prior task:1. Talk with your son. Know the concerns of your son, what does he likes or dislikes form the school and as how is his relationship with his teachers. It is important that your child feels that he has your support.
2. Prepare a list of questions. A way to gain time and not forget anything, is to make the list on topics such as the behavior of your child, their academic performance, sports etc.
3. Be honest. Information that has the teacher might have of your son may be important to promote its success. If your child has health problems, takes medication or if there is a difficult situation in the family that could affect the child, such as a divorce, death of a relative, or moving home, any of these things might affect the child and as a result their school performance. Parents and teachers are the perfect key for the academic success of your child.
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