This is my story; when I was a child, used to ran to the kitchen to pry the work of my mother, lunch preparations, snacks and not to mention the days of desserts, were the great magical moment for me, for two things; taste them and help with the set up. Of course, for my mother, it was not a pleasant this task, having a child who wanted to play and do everything with her was a little disturbing, surely I have withheld sometimes or maybe many!

In any case, this began at the age of 8 approximately, as time passed it strengthened, I wanted to know everything, help more, wanted to have, not a simple stake in my mother’s kitchen, but the pleasure of having done everything. The worst part of the story is that my mother did not want me in the kitchen, Because of a refusal on her side and even sometimes angry because she left me away from preparations, I toe the line and observed in detail everything she did and as a good Sagittarian, never gave up. Desserts; cakes, jams, cookies, candies, etc., her meals, her seasoning and style, marked a milestone. On the other hand, my Father, demanding palate, dessert lover, encouraged me to buy cookbooks, I suspect, hoping of someday I’ll cook for him. I read them all; again and again without stopping, reading and regular practice were perfecting everything.

My meals and sweets were always shared among family and friends, meetings, birthdays, Christmas and celebrations. It always was and will be pleasant to see them enjoying my dishes; anyway, the passion for cooking was always present in my life, to the point of taking it as a fully regular activity.

It was pretty confident about my tastes, but lacked the visual part, the artistic view, to commercially introduce myself to a Cosmopolitan market and offer different and captivating products. So, I began art classes at “Azúcar” in Caracas – Venezuela and a few months I demanded to myself upper levels; I wanted and knew I could go beyond. In 2012, decided to take master classes in USA with Master Chef Ron Ben Israel, a worldwide celebrity in artistic pastry, whom I admire and respect very much and who gave a 180° to my vision and potential in the art. Since then, I didn’t have any rest at all, I every day learn something new and push myself further. Always with a clear focus; to show my work and abilities, gain the trust of a demanding market, it was no easy task, when I was just making my debut. I dedicated myself to work harder and when you are confident about what you purpose is and direct your steps, thoughts and energies in tune towards the same direction, you will get magical results: Your dreams come true. Without further ado, I invite you to visit and enjoy what is undoubtedly an exceptional combination of art with the fusion of culinary cultures.




Fuente: Edición 29 Aldea Educativa Magazine

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