By Diane Stockton

The value of music to society is that every human culture uses music as a universal language of expression and emotion. The arts provide effective learning opportunities which yield increased academic performance, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Participation in music can be a bridge for building acceptance and tolerance for people of different ages and cultures.

You can see Learning languages ​​with musical notes

Unlike other children’s activities, music education is an investment which contributes to student achievement. The study of music helps in developing intelligence by contributing to brain development and increased IQ test scores. Children with music training have significantly better verbal memory. Mastering a musical instrument also improves the brains ability to process languages. Music experience can also help to fine-tune the brain’s auditory system. Young children taking music lessons also showed improved memory.

Jammin’ Kids International Music Academy has been providing world class music instruction to kids of ALL ages since 1995. . The right teacher makes all the difference and our instructors are the best qualified teachers in the area who are degreed music professionals and experienced professional musicians.

Sourse: Edition 17 Aldea Magazine

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